This website is owned and operated by a Hollywood movie producer that is raising money for a film about the murder “for national security” of Col James Sabow, USMC (Aviation), and the interwined stories of

a) Dr. David Sabow, brother to Col James Sabow, USMC (RIP) who has invested 20 years of his life and all of his savings in clearing the name of his brother; and

b) the role of the Marine Corps leadership across multiple generations in both covering up the murder, and enabling CIA drug-running via El Toro Marine Corps Air Base for many years in the 1980’s.

The question to be answered, in addition to proving who did the murder, is “who gave the order” to murder Col Sabow, who carried it out, and who subsequently gave and enforced the order to cover up this murder of a Marine by other Marines.

The Commandant can delegate authority, but not responsibility.  The failure of successive sets of Commandants and Assistant Commandants to embrace the truth on this matter is an indictment of the Marine Corps of such gravity that were it a Regiment, it would be disbanded, its colors burned, and its past glories striken from the history books.

This is a Truth & Reconciliation endeavor.  It does not seek any form of punitive justice, only the truth.


Producer W. Scott Goldie


Brother Dr. David Sabow