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FELDMAN, Jack PhD.   Chairman of the Department of Neuroscience at UCLA. He lectures worldwide and has published over 500 treatises on how the nervous system controls breathing. Dr. Feldman reviewed the JS autopsy report and couldn’t understand how blood entered the lungs as JS would’ve died instantly because his brain vaporized after the gunshot wound making breathing impossible.  Dr. Jack Feldman writes and signs an affidavit stating,

“Colonel Sabow was rendered unconscious or immobile by a blow to the head that fractured the base of the skull, causing bleeding into the pharynx. Breathing continued after this injury, aspirating blood into the lung. Sometime later, a shotgun was placed in the mouth and triggered, causing death and obscuring any evidence of prior injury.”


NORDBY, Jon Dr. PhD.  Forensic medical specialist hired by DoD to refute the evidence.


RUBINSTEIN, David Dr.  Radiologist, Denver’s University Hospital wrote, “The depressed skull fracture… is not likely to have resulted from the shotgun blast. What caused the depressed fracture is open to speculation. It is unlikely to have occurred if the patient fell backwards and struck the ground.”

SPITZ, Werner

SPITZ, Werner.   Dr. Professor of Pathology at Wayne State University School of Medicine and one of the most well known forensic pathologist in the world.