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CASEY, Bill.  Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) close to Representative Bull McCollum (FL), who was implicated in the Florida-based CIA drug-running operations.


JACOBS, Mike.  Orange County DA, belived the JS was murdered.

LANG III, George

LANG III, George Colonel.   USMC Deputy Staff Judge Advocate in Washington.  Apparently dictated a “script” stating their intention to convince Dr. Sabow that his brother’s death was a suicide. The call was made on March 8, l99l, the day before Sabow was to meet with General Adams.


MCBRIDE, Paul, Captain USMC.  Legal counsel for James Sabow when he was being investigated by the OIG.

RICH, Wayne

RICH, Wayne, Colonel.   Assistant Attorney General of the United States [??]   Present at a meeting between David Sabow, General Wayne Adams, General David Shuter and General J.K. Davis at El Toro AFB after it was learned that DS was going to go to the LA TIMES and complain that he was being stonewalled regarding evidence (autopsy, fingerprint etc.) of the investigation into the death of JS.  U.S. Department of Agriculture program named “Screw Worm,”  [??]


SHEEHAN, Danny.  Counsel hired by David Sabow to investigate the death of JS.