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We be wheelin-n-dealin in ex-US Navy EC-130’s!

Article # 1.
I find this interesting for a couple of reasons. One being the words C-130 and US Navy. The name U.S. Attorney Claire Lefkowitz comes up in addition to the Naval Museum in Pensacola.
Article #2.
Again with the Naval Museum and P-3’s. I sense a pattern. Trading C-130’s for junk aircraft. Hold that thought. Declaring that C-130 aircraft are worth $20,000. That’s a number to remember.
Article # 3.
“Aviation museum under fire…”  Uh-Oh! Sound familiar? Claire Leftkowitz…Read that name somewhere before? $20,000 for C-130’s. Is that all a junked C-130 is worth? Seems that it was found to be a “good number” before…
More if it happens.

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