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Blog: Doctored Photo In Marine Murder Probe (PART 3)

Doctored Photo In Marine Murder Probe (PART 3) Motive for the murder was to prevent Colonel Sabow from talking about unmarked civilian aircraft flying drugs into MCAS El Toro.  Robert O’Dowd VeteransToday, 19 January 2012 (IRVINE, CA) – This is the third and final part of a news series covering the murder and government cover-up of […]

Photograph: Senator John Kerry (D-MA)


Media: Cocaine Airways

Cocaine Airways A Former CIA Pilot Says Secret Flights To El Toro Could Explain A Marine Officer’s `Suicide’ By Nick Schou When we first spoke, a decade ago, the fear in his voice — the staccato pace, the tremor — was unmistakable. “I can’t talk to you,” he said. “This is all classified.” He answered […]