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Slides: Murder of Marine Colonel James E. Sabow

53 Slides:  PowerPoint-Col. Sabow THE DEATH OF COL. JAMES E. SABOW USMC Born August 5, 1939  Died. January 22, 1991 Evidence – Truth – Justice


RUBINSTEIN, David Dr.  Radiologist, Denver’s University Hospital wrote, “The depressed skull fracture… is not likely to have resulted from the shotgun blast. What caused the depressed fracture is open to speculation. It is unlikely to have occurred if the patient fell backwards and struck the ground.”

Blog: Semper Fidelis (The Story of Colonel James E. Sabow)

Semper Fidelis (The Story of Colonel James E. Sabow) David Hoffman American-Buddha.com, undated estimated 2000 On January 14, 1991, Colonel James E. Sabow, 51, was named Acting Chief of Staff of Marine Corps Air Operations for the Western United States. Eight days later he was found at his home at El Toro Air Station, killed […]