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Media: Jerry Brown – Brother of Murdered Marine Needs Your Help

Jerry Brown: Brother of Murdered Marine Needs Your Help Robert O’Dowd Salem-News.com, 3 March 2010 Forensic evidence supports the murder of a Marine Colonel at MCAS El Toro in 1991 that was ruled a suicide. (IRVINE, Calif.) – The murder of Colonel James Sabow is the story of the loss of our country’s moral compass. […]

WEBB, Gary

WEBB, Gary.  Journalist and author of Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Cocaine Explosion (Seven Stories Press, 1999).  Subsequently found “suicided” with not one but TWO bullets entering his head. The Murder Of Gary Webb Webb, a Pullitzer prize winning journalist, exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports […]