Updated 27 December 2012

The following individuals are WANTED for a documentary film that will not begin until the producers have first secured from the Congress of the United States of America hearings that absolute immunity, imdemnification, pardon, and the permanent unjunction of any civil or criminal lawsuit against the individuals identified below, and their estates.  This is a Truth & Reconciliation endeavor, one that seeks to serve the public interest — and release the witnesses from fear of persecution — by making possible truthful disclosures.  Those who do not make truthful disclosures will not be covered by the legislation.  Those not listed below will not be sought for either the documentary or prosecution, but if they wish to avail themselves of the Congressional indemnification, must come forward to be registered as contributors to the project.  Our focus is on Marine Corps integrity, not on CIA drug running.

02 UNDERWOOD, Joseph. Colonel.   Suspected of being the primary enabler of the murder of Col James E. Sabow, USMC (RIP).

03 ADAMS, Wayne T. General.  Highest ranking individual at El Toro who is both culpable for blind support to CIA drug-running, and cover-up of murder.

03 Helicopter Pilot + 4.  Fragged helo from Camp Pendleton, need to identify those transported, possibly from the Counter-Terrorism Team working for and with CIA.  On January 22, 1991 the helicopter that made the routine daily rounds of Marine and Naval bases carried four men from Pendleton to El Toro. These were members of an IRT team (International Response Team).

04 GRAY, Al.  Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time of Col Sabow’s murder.  Everything was set in motion prior to his assumption of Command, and the murder may have been committed without his knowledge.  He appears to have sanctioned a total stone-walling by the Marine Corps of the federal justice system, and is therefore complicit in the murder after the fact.

05  MORGAN, Thomas R.  Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (Aviation).  General Morgan is the most likely senior Marine responsible for continuing Marine Corps support to CIA drug-running in and out of El Toro, an agreement probably established by his predecessor or predecessor once removed.

06  DAVIS, John K.  Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (Aviation) (1 July 1983 – 31 May 1986).   In the 1970’s Davis became Assistant Wing Commander, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, MCAS El Toro, following his advancement to brigadier general on July 1, 1975 and assigned duty as Commander, Marine Corps Air Bases, Western Area/Commanding General, Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, in June 1976. During this tour he was advanced to major general on February 17, 1977 and assigned duty as Commanding General, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, MCAS El Toro. From July 6, 1977 to August 8, 1977, he was assigned additional duty as Commanding General, 1st Marine Amphibious Force, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

07  LUCAS, William J.  Lead JAG attorney at El Toro MCAS

08  Craycraft, Cheryl NIS Control Agent at crime scene.

09  BARBEE, Pete  Investigated drug running at El Toro MCAS

10  ABELL, Charles  Awarded contract to Dr. Jon Nordby to conduct the re-examination of Col. Sabow’s death. Nordby was not qualified to perform this investigation and did not meet the criteria stipulated in the Statement of Work.

11  NAKASONE, Burt  NCIS Forensic expert at crime scene. According to an eyewitness, placed chair on top of the body of Col. Sabow

12  DAVISON, Hollis  IG for Marine Corps in 1991