Who Murdered Col James Sabow, USMC (Aviation)?

The key pieces of evidence that suggest homicide include:

01  Depressed skull fracture on right side of Col Sabow’s head, missing 2″ by 4″ that was used to prop open the back gate

02  Large swelling (i.e. while still alive) on bac kright side of Col Sabow’s head.

03  Aspirated blood in right lung (i.e. still breathing while wounded)

04 No GSR residue on Col Sabow’s trigger hand or clothing

05  No fingerprints on shotgun which was brought out of storage in garage)

06  Lack of blood at crime scene from intra-oral shotgun blast with no exit wound

07  Crime scene tampered with and “national security” personnel never properly identified. Position of the body on the ground improbable. This is key because the suicide scenario has Col. Sabow sitting in the chair with the shotgun on the outside of his right leg. The x-rays show pellets distributed throughout the skull of Col. Sabow from right to left. Yet somehow, Col. Sabow falls over on his right side with his body stretched out. This defies the laws of physics.

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